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Swing frame poles, cross-beams

Swing frame poles, cross-beams ∅=100-120 x H=3000 – 4000 mm. High quality round timber for versatikle playground stuctures - swings, playtower, climbers etc. Made of slow grown Northern pine (Pinus Sylvestris). Full to measure, machined to even diameter, precision cut and drilled according to specification. Timber is kiln dried to 22-25% MC prior to impregnation, high-pressure impregnated with impralit-KDS® according to EN 351, H3 or H4. Green or brown color. Packed in bundle per sets, bundles packed on pallets. Barcode labels. Private labels available. Usage: Outdoor, to be installed according to certifi cate holders’ instructions.
Code: A cross-beams
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