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Protección de la madera sin tratar

According to customer's request our timber products can be delivered unseasoned (fresh), dried or impregnated (vacuum-pressure treated in autoclave).

If unseasoned products are required we suggest to use anti-stain treatment Sinesto-B in combination with the correct application in the dipping or spray method that guarantees reliable protection against wood-staining fungi.

Wood-discolouring fungi, such as blue-stain and mould, cause extremely costly damage to timber, as wood becomes unsuitable for high-quality, decorative uses. Certain climatic conditions promote the development in wood of both blue-stain and mould.

Untreated wood
Treated wood

PS! Important: If untreated timber products are required, Belander Group will not be responsible for condition and/or quality of timber supplied except quality of craftmanship.

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