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Wood properties
Anti-stain treatment
Impralit KDS
Wolmanit CX-10
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Conditioning of wood prior to treatment is a necessary and important part of the total wood preserving process. One major means of conditioning is by kiln drying, which removes moisture from the wood. The other option is air drying (seasoning) of timber, which is used to prepare the larger poles for telephone lines and log houses.

KD poles are packed on sticks to allow air circulation and proper drying of timber.

Most of the fencing, gardening and playground timber is prepared by kiln drying. We are using condensation type of kilns that use lower drying temperature to avoid cracking and splitting of roundwood.
Products are impregnated with Impralit KDS or Wolmanit CX-10 according to EN 351 (HC 1-4) and NTR (Nordic Wood Preservation Council) standards.
MC below 28% is needed to acheieve correct retention (penetration) of impregnation chemical according to EN 351-1