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Egenskaper til trevirke

Each piece of timber is unique, bearing its own knots, cracks and variations in colour. However, as a natural organic material, it will change over time, as it reacts to variations in atmospheric conditions.

Softwood will expand and contract with fluctuations in temperature and humidity. As these physical features do not take place uniformly throughout the wood, stresses are set up which result in cracks and splits opening up. These will occur more commonly, and to a greater degree, in round wood than they will in square cut wood.

Round timbers from smaller trees that contain heartwood surrounded by sapwood are subject to significant cracking because sapwood shrinks faster than heartwood in dry conditions.

The stresses which are introduced into the timber can result in large cracks, which can be both wide and deep. Whilst this can sometimes seen alarming, it does not affect the quality and the durability of a timber product. This is unavoidable and may not be a reason for a claim.


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