Belander Grupp
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Environmental policy

Belander Group is a company with clear values. Being a family-run company, we feel ourselves as committed both to our employees and to community. When we refer to society, we mean the people and the social structures of a region or a country, as well as the natural environment.

The business activities of Belander Group involve using the natural resource of wood sensibly. We respect the principle of sustainable forest management both in choosing our suppliers as well as in managing our own forests.

The main function of an enterprise is to create value through producing goods and services that society demands, thereby generating profit for its owners and shareholders as well as welfare for society, particularly through an ongoing process of job creation.

There is today a growing perception among enterprises that sustainable business success and shareholder value cannot be achieved solely through maximising shortterm profits, but instead through market-oriented yet responsible behaviour. Companies are aware that they can contribute to sustainable development by managing their operations in such a way as to enhance economic growth and increase competitiveness whilst ensuring environmental protection and promoting social responsibility, including consumer interests.

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