Playground elements

We produce various elements for playgrounds - swing frames, ladders, climbing frames, platforms etc

Material Pine
Impregnation Vacuum-pressure impregnation with environmentally friendly impregnating agent
Treatment class HC4
Impregnated color Green or brown
Use Outdoors, in contact with the ground


All sawing, drilling and cutting should be done before impregnation. If this not possible, non-impregnated surfcases should be brushed with a wood preservative.

For impregnated wood, we recommend to use hot-dip galvanized (corrosion class C4) or stainless steel (class A2) fasteners.

Impregnated wood can be stained or painted, but before painting it must be sufficiently dry - moisture content not to exceed 20%. Oil paints, alkyd paints as well as wood stains and oils are compatible.

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