Environmental policy

Forests are our wealth in both natural and economic terms. Diverse forest communities provide habitats and place of growth for many species, wood sourced from forests is raw for building materials, industrial goods and consumer products, and an increasingly important source of renewable energy.

Forests play an inportant role in the carbon cycle, sequestering carbon from the atmosphere in biomass and forest soils. The use of wood products prolongs the carbon sequestration time and the use of bioenergy reduces the need for fossil flues.

The area of Estonian forests is 2.3 million hectares, making up more than half of the total area. During the last 100 years, the area of forests in Estonia has doubled and the stock of growing forest has more than tripled, amounting to 455 million m3. We are fourth in Europe in terms of forestry and third in Europe in terms of growing forest reserves (339 m3 of growing wood per capita). About 25% Estonia´s forests are covered with different protection regimes.

We are ahead of our neighboring countries in forest protection - 19.5% of forests are protected in Latvia, 18.7% in Lithuania, 10.7% in Sweden, 7.2% in Russia and 7.2% in Finland ( For a long time, annual timber cut has been less than annual growth in Estonian forests, as a result, the age structure of our forests is uneven - there are many old forests with low growth and deteriorating condition.

At the same time, in parallel with the development of global environmental policy, there is a growing support for practical conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in many social groups, as consumers want to be sure that products they use do not harm the environment and comply with recognized environmetal standards.

Belander Grupp OÜ is a company with clear values, which takes into account different stakeholders and the natural environment through responsible, market focused, behavior.

In our daily work we guide by following principles:

- we use environmentally friendly materials and technologies in the production process
- we aim to reduce environmental pollution and use natural resources sustainably
- we reduce the amount of waste and improve its sorting, we encourage the recovery of waste
- we prefer environmentally friendly suppliers and partnes

We use small conifer logs from thinning, thus contributing to more efficient and sustainable management of our forests. Production residues are used in bioenergy - as a raw material for heating pellets or in heating and cogeneration plants.


Proof and tracing of the origin of timber has become increasingly important in the international timber trade. The FSC chain of supply certificate confirms that the raw materials and/or products come from certified and controlled sources and ensures the traceability of the entire process from the forest to the end user. Our raw material supplier, the State Forest Management Center, is FSC certified, which ensures that the raw materials come from environmentally friendly and sustainably managed forests. 

Our FSC certification number is SA-COC-008363.

By purchasing  FSC®-labeled products, you contribute to the preservation of the natural environment and support sustainable forest management worldwide. 


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